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Where time stands still

Espacio Trapiche provides the setting for a very special moment – a moment that combines the wines crafted by Sergio Casé, Trapiche’s Chief Winemaker, with renowned chef Lucas Bustos’ superb dishes. Exquisitely integrated into the surrounding natural scenery, Espacio Trapiche stands as an invitation to take a deep breath, relax and relish in the view, as you connect with yourself and others. A place where time stands still.

Espacio Trapiche
Espacio Trapiche
Espacio Trapiche

Our cuisine, a perfectly balanced ecosystem

We believe in the philosophy that holds that “the greater the care, the lower the impact.” So we have applied the Zero-Kilometer concept in our cooking, striving to reduce the distance between the place of origin of the ingredients and the finished dishes. Potatoes, tomatoes, olives, and seasonal fresh vegetables are grown and harvested on our own farm, thus ensuring the freshness and quality of our products.
Our gastronomic options include a tasting menu paired with the most exclusive Trapiche wines and an a la carte menu.

Espacio Trapiche
A restaurant where we seek to evoke feelings that transcend time and space

Our wines: our most cherished treasure

Our cuisine has been carefully conceived to be the perfect companion to our wines. A match made in heaven between our dishes, brimming with local flavors, and unique wines that can exclusively be tasted at our restaurant. Ours is an invitation to taste new harvests, historical vintages and our winemakers’ creations, all of which have been crafted with the ultimate grape selection from Mendoza’s and Chapadmalal’s most exclusive terroirs.

Wine List
  Espacio Trapiche | Restaurante


Opening Hours Monday to Monday at noon from 12pm to 17pm.
Friday and Saturday at night from 8pm to 11pm.

Address Nueva Mayorga s/n, Maipú, Mendoza, Argentina.
Telephone (0261) 520-7605
WhatsApp +54 9 261 207 4492

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