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On the shore of the unimaginable

Surrounded by gentle slopes and stunning fields leading to the South Atlantic Ocean, our winery is located in the district of Chapadmalal. Lying only 6 kilometers (close to 4 miles) inland , the particular coastal weather and the gentle slopes in the area translate into lands that are unique for growing wines with a distinct oceanic influence.

Our estate and its wines

Our full understanding of the land as our most coveted asset prompted us to dive into an unimaginable location. Unlike the weather in the mountain regions, Chapadmalal’s heavy rainfall, cold, humid weather and narrow thermal range deliver fresher, delicate wines that boast great aromatic complexity and good volume.

Taste our exclusive wines and explore a new world of aromas, flavors, and sensations.

Find us by the edge of the ocean

You are kindly invited to visit and discover our winery in Chapadmalal, where you may enjoy an extraordinary experience, surrounded by unique vineyards, unique aromas and unique flavors, all of them enveloped by the calm South Atlantic ocean and our beautiful fields.

Chapadmalal | Centro de visitas

Winery Tour

Opening hours Monday to Sunday
from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm
Advance reservation is required.
Address: Av. Antártida Argentina Km 16, Chapadmalal, Buenos Aires (recommended access).
Telephone (0223) 464 4312
WhatsApp + 54 9 223 528 4392