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A history of exploration

Since its early days, in 1883, Bodega Trapiche has received worldwide recognition for its relentless quest for innovation. Our full understanding of the land as our most valuable asset, combined with state-of-the-art technology to venture into otherwise unchartered territory, have turned Trapiche into a winery that is constantly challenging what is allegedly known.

The winery pioneered innovations such as the introduction of French varieties, the use of French oak barrels and the production of micro-terroir wines.

The relentless determination to achieve the highest standards in the world of winemaking has resulted in Trapiche's worldwide recognition on countless opportunities. Trapiche was distinguished as "The Most Awarded Argentine Winery" by the WRW&S for the fourth year in a row, was selected by the prestigious English publication 'Drinks International' among the "50 Most Admired Wine Brands", becoming the only Argentine winery to obtain 5 of this selections (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 & 2019) and was awarded by Wine Enthusiast as "The New World Winery of the Year" in 2019.

Our vineyards

Discovering new, unexplored roads

Bodega Trapiche has made forays into new challenges since the very beginning. Its inquiring spirit has led the winery to find unique, remote locations where to grow grapes. This holds true not only for Mendoza, brimming with areas of excellent winemaking potential, but also for Chapadmalal, a place that realized Trapiche's pioneer spirit in the first wines of oceanic influence.

Landscape Biodynamics

We explore to protect our land

Biodynamic practices stand out as the purest forms of ecological agricultures, which are aimed at preserving the natural properties of crops by eliminating the use of chemicals, herbicides and fungicides and calculating the moon cycles for the harvest. Those practices also look to sustain ecosystem balance and biological diversity and to recover bacterial activity in the soil. The winery is surrounded by olive trees and vineyards managed under those practices, which include the use of organic plant and animal fertilizers from a farm owned by Trapiche, located at the back of the winery.

We believe that to keep on producing, innovating and educating about our wines, we must respect what nature provides us.


Mention Best Malbec of Argentina
  • Vintage 2010
  • Variety Terroir Series Malbec Finca Orellana
  • Competition Best Malbec of Argentina - World Wine Awards
  • Vintage 2008
  • Variety Iscay Malbec Cabernet Franc
  • Competition James Suckling
  • Vintage 2012
  • Variety Terroir Series Malbec Finca Ambrosía
  • Competition James Suckling

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