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Introducing Trapiche Perfiles: a true journey of exploration

A blend of tradition and technology to offer new sensations and continue to make forays into uncharted territory

Trapiche Perfiles, our new wine range, whose distinctiveness resides in its soils of origin, is the result of our endless quest for innovation and exploration of the highest standards in winegrowing..

Our full understanding of the land as our most valuable asset, combined with state-of-the-art technology to venture into otherwise remote locations, have always pushed us to challenge what is allegedly known. Our inquiring spirit has led the winery to find unique sites to grow our grapes. Gravel, lime, fine texture: a variety of soil profiles, selected with the intent of highlighting the most distinctive features of each wine.

In this way, the Trapiche Perfiles wines are born — the result of our constant search for new and improved roads to expand our wine portfolio and obtain international acclaim.