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Terroir Series Finca Coletto 2015 – “The best malbec in the world”

Trapiche Terroir Series Coletto receives the highest distinction in France — out of 1,000 wines from all over the world.

We are proud to announce a new award for one of our Single Vineyards: Trapiche Terroir Series Finca Coletto Malbec 2015 was chosen Best Malbec in the World at the international wine competition Les Citadelles du Vin..

Every two years, the city of Bordeaux, France, is home to Vinexpo, one of the most important wine fairs in the world, and to the concurrent international wine competition Les Citadelles du Vin. The event, which gathers a judging panel of top winemakers, features a blind tasting of more than 1,000 wines sourced from more than 40 countries. During a thorough tasting session, each sample is evaluated under a series of strict and accurate criteria, such as type of aroma, power, transparency, and evolution

Trapiche Terroir Series Malbec 2015 – Finca Coletto was chosen Best Malbec in the Competition, the highest accolade in its category.

Trapiche x Christophe

The grapes used to elaborate Trapiche Terroir Series Malbec are sourced from Finca Coletto, an estate formerly owned by Mr. Victorio Coletto, who planted his first Malbec back in 1962, unaware that, by doing so, he had just become a pioneer of winemaking by growing in one of Mendoza’s most coveted vinegrowing areas: El Peral, in Tupungato, Uco Valley.

He planted Malbec because it was a red grape variety and because he only liked red wine. When asked “Why Malbec?”, rather than offering a reply that would turn him into a hero of the great adventure of Argentina’s flagship wine, Mr. Coletto simply stated, “Because I like red wine”, evidencing his characteristic honesty and humility

He chose the lands in El Peral because he would gaze out at them while he served in the Army, merely a hundred yards away, in the Mountain Infantry Regiment.

A truly heavenly sight, a willow, standing at the heart of the estate, gently hangs its branches over a stream carrying the purest, crystal-clear meltwater from the Andes.

This Malbec vineyard is well above 60 years of age. It is located in the area of El Peral, in Tupungato, at an elevation of 1,127 meters (3,700 feet) above sea level, which turns it into one of the highest altitude areas in Mendoza for growing Malbec. The combination of both altitude and vine age makes this place a unique terroir for this variety.

The vineyard is currently run by Don Coletto’s niece, Cristina Coletto, who inherited not only an exceptional land but also the passion and the opportunity to share the history of Argentine vinegrowing with the world, thanks to her uncle’s legacy.

Trapiche works with more than 90 independent growers, who receive technical assistance and regular follow-ups from the winery’s team of agronomists. Year after year, the winemaker, vine grower, and agricultural engineer make sure to walk around the vineyard together and arrive at decisions to make the most of the vineyards’ potential and get the best grapes. Marcelo Belmonte, agronomist and current Head of Viticulture, mentioned that the first time he tried the grapes from Finca Coletto, he was most pleasantly surprised by the superb sweetness at the beginning of ripening, despite the yield having larger berries and clusters than most high-end, older Malbec vineyards.