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Once again, Trapiche is distinguished as Argentina’s most awarded winery in the world

For the fourth year running, we have been honored by the prestigious World Ranking Wines & Spirits as Argentina’s most awarded winery

The World Ranking Wines and Spirits – WRW&S® is an annual ranking featuring products that participate in international and/or national competitions across the globe. All the products ranked in this list are later blind-tasted in more than 80 international competitions that take place in 50 different countries.

This year, not only were we distinguished as “Argentina’s Most Awarded Winery in the World”, but also Trapiche Terroir Series Malbec Finca Ambrosia 2014 got first prize for Argentina’s Most Awarded Wine.

Being distinguished as Argentina’s most awarded winery is, without a doubt, the result of our team’s constant hard work and passion, which has made it possible to position our brand, Trapiche, into the place it holds today. We are extremely proud to have received this recognition from this group of experts, as it proves that our daily efforts, fantastic teamwork and ongoing quest for improvement have taken us to a leading position in the world”, said Daniel Pi, Director of Winemaking at Trapiche.

Since its early days, in 1883, our winery has received worldwide recognition for its relentless quest for innovation, such as the introduction of French varieties, the crafting of varietal wines or the use of French oak barrels. Understanding the land as our most coveted asset has prompted us to challenge ourselves and go beyond what is allegedly known, because we are well aware that the quality of Argentine wine is increasingly gaining prominence and prestige across the globe. In our 125 years of experience, we have reached the highest standards in winegrowing and, without a doubt, we are the only Argentine winery that can rightfully prove so on the basis of the international recognition received.